SunriseRx Compounding Pharmacy

Do you spend time, resources and money avoiding the cost of prescription compound medications?

Cut cost from the formula with SunriseRx
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Compounded Savings

50-90% savings to payers for Rx compounded medications. Reduces potential long-term addiction and rehabilitation costs.
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Applied topically, non-addictive and virtually no potential of abuse. Easier to tolerate and easier to control dosage. Employees can work while utilizing prescription.


National home delivery adds convenience. 48- to 72-hour turnaround upon payer approval.
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Offers instant access to compound prescription information day of processing. Sunstone, our SunriseRx web portal, shows instant savings based on state fee schedule or U&C/AWP pricing (depending on the state).
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Allows for specific customized formulas for an individual patient. Compounds are not intended for the masses; therefore pharmacy customizes a unique formulation for your claimant.
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Payer receives training on how to identify compounds and transfer claimants to our compounding pharmacy with ease.

Benefits Overview

  • Decreases the cost burden to payers with a simplified cost-plus model, as opposed to AWP/Fee Schedule driven models, with savings of 50-90%
  • Improves cost-oversight and tracking by claims management party, as prescriptions are not filled or shipped to the injured party without prior authorization
  • Eliminates time and resources spent avoiding Rx compound medications, allowing efforts to be redirected toward other areas of claims management
  • Reduces transportation costs by the payer with home delivery for injured employees unable to drive or leave their homes
  • Reduces side effects experienced with oral medications, resulting in a potentially faster return to work


What is Compounding?

The FDA defines compounding as “a practice in which a licensed pharmacist, a licensed physician, or, in the case of an outsourcing facility, a person under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, combines, mixes, or alters ingredients of a drug to create a medication tailored to the needs of an individual patient.”

What is a Topical Compound?

Compound medications consist of a cream or gel base in which a variety of active ingredients may be added. Our pharmacy team specializes in customizing the optimal compound for each patient and their precise condition.

Topical compounds have the advantage of lower systemic absorption. Because the body is not metabolizing large amounts of medications, stress on the liver and kidneys is reduced.

The incidence of adverse reactions is low, with minor skin rashes being the most common. Other reactions are exceedingly rare.

How are Topical Compounds Effective for Pain Management?

Due to the variation in patient size, pain tolerance and symptoms, some types of commercially available pain management may not work for all people. Customized combinations of several medications can target all of the patient’s symptoms with one formulation. This can replace multiple oral medications, leading to increased patient compliance and decreased adverse reactions.

What are the Advantages of Topical Compounds?

  • Ability to reduce or possibly even terminate oral medications
  • Avoidance of side effects associated with oral medications
  • Can be used when other systems of drug administration fail
  • Ability to deliver treatment to a specific site
  • Avoidance of possible gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Provides suitability for self-medication
  • Improves patient compliance
  • Bypasses first-pass metabolism
  • Convenience and ease of application

Want to save 50-90%? Reduce pharmaceutical side effects for injured employees? Eliminate potential addiction? Return them to work more quickly?